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Adaptability Service

Action Disability Resources, Inc
Adaptability Services can do those ADA Adaptations to your business or home.

Full Line of…..  Bathroom Modifications, Doorways Modifications, Grab Bars, Wheelchair Ramps, and Other Modifications.

Action Disability Resources, Inc. has now started doing environmental setup. We have computer voice action or button action service. With a touch of a button you can open and shut doors , turn on and off lights, and even turn on and off ceiling fans. In some setups it can even answer the telephone for you making your life more independent.

ADA Shower Toilet

Tile bathrooms showers with shower seat.

ADA Ramps

ADA Grab Bars

ADA Kitchen Faucets

ADA Wheelchair Lifts

ADA Swimming Pool Lifts

ADA Bathroom Faucets

ADA Ceiling Lifts

ADA Stair Lifts

OmniPro II Automation Controllers

Tile Floors and 36" Wide Doors

Multimedia Max™ System

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